Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Birthday Pictures

Urm.....pls forgive the arrangements of the pictures...I'm still trying to get use to this :P

This is the bouquet of flowers my boyfriend bought me and got them delivered to the office. Cute bear too huh? ;) Thanks for the sweet surprise dear :D loved it!

This came to me as a surprise. That's my new laptop and on that sofa, is the bag for my laptop. I've always wanted a new laptop but never thought it was necessary coz my old one was still working. But I think, my bf thought that it was time I got a new one :)

My bf arranged a birthday dinner with my family members too, which was sweet. The food was great. Everyone enjoyed it. I tried my best to take as many pics as possible but urm...the food was too tempting. These are some of the considerably good pix that I managed to take :P

Thanks for everything dear...mmuax!

My great colleagues celebrated it with me too...but sadly, I forgot to bring my camera :( but I managed to take the pic of the cake they bought for me at home! heh Thanks guys!

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