Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Bartimaeus Trilogy

Two bookaholics recommended me this trilogy. Coincidentally, MPH was having a warehouse sales at the time of which I was on a hunt for it. As luck would have it, I found the trilogy at the warehouse sales, sold at RM25 each :) Thence, began my journey with Bartimaeus.

Here's a peek into what this trilogy is all about:
The story is told through Bartimaeus, Nathaniel and Kitty. It's set based on certain true events and people (like the American Revolution and William Gladstone), during a time when magicians governs Britain and the commoners (the non magicians) made up the rest of the society.

The Amulet of Samarkand mainly revolves around the rise and fall of London, and the introduction of the main characters - Nathaniel (John Mandrake, his magician name) who has a strong desire to be a great magician who wanted to be part of the government body, Bartimaeus (the first djinni he summoned at the tender age of 12) and Kitty, a commoner who was a member of a group called The Resistance.

The second installment, The Golem's Eye, we'd learn more about Kitty and what drove her to be part of the Resistance. In this 2nd book, Nathaniel, who was now member of the government, was sent out to crush the Resistance, capture the members and at the same time uncover the mysterious golem which caused chaos in the city, and once again, Bartimeaus was summoned to help him out.

Ptolemy's Gate brings the whole trilogy to a full circle, where djinni, magician and commoner come together for a common good - to save the government from being overthrown.

To note: I love Bartimaeus to death. This 5000 year old djinni is hilarious, sarcastic, witty, blunt, cheeky, intelligent and so full of himself! I loved him so much so that I got jealous of Kitty whom he grew a certain liking to (yeah, I am weird :P So what!) He speaks in footnotes too! Hilarious, this fella. I laughed so loud when reading his thoughts and sardonic comments my hubby thought I was losing it!

Now that I'm done with the trilogy, I'm missing Bartimaeus by the day. Once in awhile, I'd just leaf through the pages, and read some of his footnotes, just to keep him close to my heart :) haha

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Get in Touch with Tash!

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Monday, May 25, 2009

While awaiting...

I'm about to complete the Bartimaeus Trilogy (which I'm enjoying thoroughly. I so so love Bartimaeus! haha). While I'm at it, I shall feed you with some entertaining videos ;)

This is funny! hehe

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Have A Good Weekend with Rob Paravanian Pachelbel Rant

Am off to Penang this week for a press conference...

To those of you who dropped by, I'll leave you with Rob Paravanian's Pachelbel Rant! It's entertaining and funny hehe Till then, HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!

Monday, May 18, 2009

On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan

Truth to be told. If it wasn't sold at RM8, I wouldn't have purchased it, 'coz it's only 166 pages and I ain't paying RM30 odd ringgit (the average cost of a book here in Malaysia) for a book that thin :P Here's the embarrassing part. This book is faaantastic. If I'd known, I wouldn't mind buying it at its original price (but the cheaper the better of coz :P).

On Chesil Beach is mainly about love and loss. The story is set in 1962 and is about a newly married couple, Edward and Florence, who decided to tie the knot, because they were in love with each other and thought it was only right to do so. The problem was, they hardly knew or understood each other, hence they were unable to express themselves openly, about sex especially. See, Edward wanted sex, Florence clearly didn't.

McEwan's ability to capture the characters' emotions and thoughts, was flawless. There were parts I cried, for I felt Florence's sadness and bitterness when she supressed her own feelings just to prove to Edward (and herself) that she loves him. At times, I couldn't help hating Edward's selfishness, as all he thought of, was having sex with Florence. Edward: When he heard her moan, Edward knew that his happiness was almost complete.

He was also able to describe the newlyweds' first night together at a hotel in Chesil Beach, after their wedding, so gently yet so exact; so poetically, yet so real, so raw, so tender.... Look at how beautiful this was written: She was doing all she could prevent a muscle in her from tightening, but it was happening without her, of its own accord, as inevitable and powerful as a sneeze. It was not painful as it clenched and went into mild spasm, this treacherous band of muscle, but she felt it was letting her down, giving the first indication of the extent of her problem. (page 85)

Reading this novella made me question the meaning of love and marriage. Is it about your happiness or your partner's? Was Edward to be blamed for the outcome of their marriage? Or was it purely Florence's fault? Were they both being selfish? Did they love each other at all in the first place?

One thing that left me somewhat unsatisfied though. The last part of the story felt like it was rushed through, and lacked McEwan's powerful narration. Wonder why... It was quite an anti climax :(

Nevertheless, this is one of the many books which I'd read again. And I will.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crescent Warehouse Sales

If you weren't at the Big Bad Wolf Sales..., don't despair my dear friend...because, Crescent is here to save a bookaholic's day! Details as follow:

But I'm skipping this. Enough of sales for me for now haha

The Big Bad Wolf Chomps Them All!

EVERYONE must go to the Big Bad Wolf (BBW) Sales. Bookaholics especially, 'coz the Wolf's irresistible offer would make you oblivious to the damage he would do to your kids and your pockets. The best part is, the whole place is air conditioned, so you won't be sweltering :D A smart wolf huh ;)

It was a jungle out there I tell you...Kids were running amok at the sight of books that were at rock bottom prices, parents not knowing where to start (fiction/non-fiction/children??) and husbands helping their wives with the boxes of books. I even overheard (unintentionally lah!) this lady telling her partner, "Ok, I'm gonna start here. You go over there. We'll meet at the exit." LOL!

Anw, I bought 10 books for only RM77!! :D The picture attached was my purchase.

Despite what had been said about "other" book sales that were very disappointing, I didn't regret going to the MPH Warehouse Sales held recently, because the books I bought there, weren't sold at BBW :P **phew** Personally, I thought MPH Warehouse Sales had a wider selection of books as compared to BBW. But I was equally happy I was at BBW too.... :) In fact, the BBW Sales wins all of the other sales I'd been to, hands down! Get this: An Hour to Live, An Hour to Love (in mint condition) was selling at only RM5!!!!! How could anyone beat that?!

Monday, May 11, 2009


GUYS AND GALS! This book sales YOU MUSN'T MISS! Who's in??? (Saw this in The Star Weekender!) Carly, thx for dropping me an email too! I'm getting so excited!

A note from the founders:
There’s a new player in the book industry and the name is Big Bad Wolf Books!

Big Bad Wolf Books will bring you the latest in every genre in the book industry at the lowest prices possible.

From 14 (Thu) to 18 (Mon) May 2009, Big Bad Wolf Books will be holding its inaugural book sale, The Big Bad Book Sale and it's gonna be something you don’t want to miss! All books will be between RM5 and RM20 only! Check out to see a selection of books available at The Big Bad Book Sale and their unbelievably low prices!

Big Bad Wolf Books is brought to you by the people behind BookXcess as we truly believe in helping people read more for less. So come along to the sale and tell your friends about it too.

We have set up a Facebook page and event to give you and your friends all the information they need about this amazing event. Or you can simply forward this e-mail to any friends who might be interested.

Here’s to making BBW Big Bad Wolf Books a truly big, 'bad' player in the books industry and enabling them to not only bite chunks off the prices of books but also to bring you the latest bestsellers!

Come along with your family and friends to The Big Bad Book Sale this weekend. A free, limited edition bookmark will be yours with any purchase at the sale, while stock lasts!

See you at The Big Bad Book Sale!

Warmest regards,
Andrew & Jacqueline Yap.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Recommended, Read, Reading

I judge a book not only by its cover but also by recommendations (from sources who know me well ;)) These are some of the books which came highly recommended by friends.

1) Totto Chan - Read and Loved It! 4/5 stars
2) Oscar and the Pink Lady - Read and Loved it! 3/5 stars
3) The Bartimaeus Trilogy - Reading (and loving it more each day)
4) The Art of Happiness - Read 2.5/5 stars (Probably coz it's non fiction :P)
5) Pride and Prejudice - Read and Enjoyed it Immensely! 3/5 stars
6) The Monk who Sold His Ferrari - Read 2.5/5 stars
7) My Sister's Keeper - Read and Loved the dramatic storyline 4/5 stars

And recently, a friend of mine recommended these to me, all by Pearl S. Buck:
1) Pavilion of Women
2) The Time is Noon

Anyone read them before?

Shall look out for them soon! Thx Mah ;)


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