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Christmas Giveaway!

Calling all frenz and readers of my blog. I'm planning to organise a little 'book donation' for the orphanage this Christmas. I haven't decided which orphanage yet. But please drop me a note if you have any suggestions ok! In the mean time, if you have any books and would love to give them away, pleeeease contact me! I'll either arrange for a pick up (from yours truly :P) or you can probably pass me the books when we meet up.

Let's help Santa this year, shall we? ;)

If you're interested, please get back to me at before 20th December, 2008.

Donate your books!

Sorry guys...been super super bz w so many things...So atm, I'm just gonna post up events I consider important, like this:

THE NCI Cancer Hospital in support of the Soroptimist Inter-national Club of Bangsar is organising a book collection drive to establish the Education Resource Centre for the Nur Zaharah Welfare Centre and orang asli community in Janda Baik, Pahang, from Nov 28 to 30. Come and donate unwanted books at the Community Corner, Ground Floor Promenade, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama, Selangor from 10am to 10.30pm (Friday and Saturday) and 10am to 10pm (Sunday).


So sorry....been so so bz with my wedding that I've got no time to update my blog! Anyway, this one you mustn't miss:

PAY LESS BOOKS Warehouse Sales @ 3K INN
PAY LESS BOOKS' Warehouse Sales is back in 3K Inn!!!Venue: Hotel Hall, Ground Floor, Jalan 13/1, Subang Jaya, Selangor D Ehsan.Date: 5 - 7 December 2008 (Friday - Sunday)Time: 10:00am - 7:00pmLog in to for further info.

7 days more...

I'm sweating nerves's 7 days more to my wedding and we still have so much to do! Let's take a look at the checklist:

1) Home - not done; one of the bathroom door is getting fixed now, husband is painting the gate, pictures yet to be framed, bedspread yet to be bought, curtains yet to be fixed...

2) Restaurant - ok, believe it or not, this restaurant has no proper changing/makeup room. So...I still haven't got the faintest idea where on earth am I going to get dolled up for the 'wedding runway' :P Any one of you attending my wedding dinner, please be prepared for surprises! HAHA

3) Accessories - So, I've not bought a single accessory yet, to go with my wedding and dinner gowns Why? 'coz I CAN NEVER SEEM TO FIND THE TIME! Wth am I going to wear with my wedding gown, I have no idea. This is kinda freaking me out now....Oh damn, which reminds me...I need to get a white pair of shoes!!! *faint faint*

4) Gown fitting - Yep, I have yet to get my measure…

My Peculiar Name

After my Mother's Day article was published in The Star (Malaysia's local paper), I thought I'd want to do the same for my dad too. But I was so busy during Father's Day month, so...that didn't happen :( Morever, I didn't know how I should approach the,...I delayed it till about a month later...when an idea finally struck, I sat down, and wrote it.

4 months later, it was published :) Here's the article online (Thanks Kiang, for pointing it out ;)) Oh I didn't even know that it was in the papers till my aunt notified my mom who then sms-ed me about it :P

The online link is here:

Or just read it here :P

WHAT should we name her?” I imagined my mum asking, looking down into my bewildered face as my newly opened eyes scanned the world I had been born into. “She’s our first child. And I want her to be No.1 in everything she does,…

Yes We Can!

I think that is gonna be an overused phrase for quite a while haaha Anw, heard this song on 92.9FM this morning. It was so darn cool I thought I'd share it with those of you who have not heard it! :)

He has indeed proven that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE if we want it bad enough! YES WE CAN OBAMA!!!

Saved by the Book

I was bored outta my wits at this particular birthday gathering on Saturday. Not only I was feeling under the weather, there weren't anyone I knew at the party *sob sob* The only thing that kept me company was my book, coz my husband had to mingle with his friends.

I had "The Other Hand" by Chris Cleave with me. (It's quite a controversial book, a little on a social/political issue, but more on a clash of identity within ourselves. It kinda questions, who exactly are we and how we want to be derived by others? Protagonist: Little Bee, a young Nigerian girl who managed to free herself from a detention centre with 3 other girls. She sought help from the only English family she knew in UK. The story, very slowly, and "poetically" unveiled the dark secrets these characters held close to their hearts)

Sorry, I digressed :P Now, back to my story. So anyways, as I was saying, I WAS BORED. So, quite "anti-socially" I took out the book from my bag. (Yes, I c…