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There There by Tommy Orange

Title: There There
Author: Tommy Orange My verdict:5 stars Highly recommended!
In a nutshell: 12 Urban Indians. 1 big event. 1 robbery gone wrong.
Set in Oakland, California, the story revolves around the 12 individuals and how they and their families have been treated by America throughout the years; how it affects and have affected them. These 12 characters are to meet at an upcoming big event - the Big Oakland Powwow. That one event, meant to bring Indians of all walks of life together, ironically shattered their lives and those around them.
Was it a good read? Yes. I'd describe it in 3 words: Real, raw, powerful. 
The story starts off with a prologue, (which is one of my favorite parts, the interlude is the other) telling us about the Indian Head that was used as a test pattern on TV in the 1970s to all American TVs everywhere after all the shows ran out. There are some parts which are very graphic. So, be prepared.

Then the prologue continues with the Indian head in the jar; the In…

Happy Birthday, Malala!

HAPPY 21st, MALALA! You're only 21, yet your achievements and accolades can fill a whole phone book! Thank you so much for all that you do especially education for women and young children. What you did and are still doing is an inspiration for us all. Thank you for your bravery, your courage, your intelligence and your will to pursue your beliefs and dreams. Thank you for showing us that "One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world." You let your actions speak louder than words. 
The books in the picture: Most of us would or might have already own a copy of 'I Am Malala'. So, I'm just going to briefly summarize the book behind it, "Malala's Magic Pencil". It is Malala's first picture book and is targeted towards young readers. It is basically a much simpler version of her life in Pakistan and what inspired her to do what she does today and to be who she is today. 
It is about how she wished for a magic pencil that she'd use…

An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

Ok. I’m back! Again :P (Sorry been caught up with motherhood..)
Title: An American Marriage 
Author: Tayari Jones My verdict:4 stars Highly recommended!
Synopsis (From the book cover): Newlyweds Celestial and Roy are the embodiment of both the American Dream and the New South. HE is a young business executive and she is an artist on the brink of an exciting career. But as they settle into the routine of their life together, they are suddenly ripped apart by circumstances neither could have imagined when, while visiting Roy’s parents in their small Louisiana town, Roy is arrested and sentenced to twelve years in prison for a crime Celestial knows he didn’t commit.
Though fiercely independent, Celestial finds herself lost, taking comfort in ANdre, her childhood friend and Roy’s best man at their wedding. When after 5 years, Roy’s conviction is overturned and he returns to Atlanta ready to resume their life together, Celestial is faced a soul-wrenching decision: whether to let go or to try r…