Neil Gaiman's New Book!

To all fans of Neil Gaiman's, you'll LOVE THIS!! :) It's Neil Gaiman's latest book called Illustrations, a collaboration of Neil and award-winning fantasy illustrator Charles Vess. It will be launched on 27th April!

"Remember your name.
Do not lose hope—what you seek will be found.

Trust ghosts. Trust those that you have helped to help you in their turn.

Trust dreams.

Trust your heart, and trust your story

The words of renowned storyteller Neil Gaiman’s instructions for navigating a treacherous and deceptive fairy-tale landscape are brought to vivid life by award-winning fantasy illustrator Charles Vess, acclaimed for his illustrations of magical and mythological landscapes, in their first collaboration since the bestselling
Blueberry Girl. Instructions guides a traveler safely beyond magical gates and enchanted cottages, by gardens and woods populated by princesses, wolves, and witches, past a riddling ferryman, and through sea and sky on the backs of enchanted creatures. Its message of the value of courage, wit, and adventurousness makes it a perfect gift for anyone embarking on a journey, especially graduates of any age."

Click here for the book trailer, and enjoyyyyyy! :)

For more of Neil's books for young readers, click here.


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