My Latest Loot from Pay Less Clearance Sales!

Ooooo I feel so guilty. This weekend, I went to two places to splurge. One of which is Pay Less's Clearance Sales which Jien Sing told me about...THANK YOU! :) Mostly non-fiction. Oh...and guess what I found in one of the books? A lesson plan from 1974!! Type-written! Cool, right? ;) I tried looking for a love letter or some sort...but nothing much :( Can't wait to read Marv though...Loved the illustrations! The other 2 titles, The Metamorphosis and Girl with a Pearl Earring came highly recommended by two friends of mine...So I thought, why not, since it's only RM5 and RM6 per book hehe :P

All that for ONLY RM47 :D Thanks to my dear hubby for bringing me there and paying for all of them! *big grin*

Next, my loot from Big Bookshop from Atria in Petaling Jaya...(Thanks Lai Peen for the recommendation :) And thx hubby for allowing me to splurge, once again LOL) THIS PLACE...I MUST MUST BLOG ABOUT :) But first, let me take a picture of the books I bought. Not many, as I didn't have much time...Look out for this space k! ;)


A Bookaholic said…
Thanks Au & Target! :)

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