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Hi Salihah,

To your question, "Can i know what r da interesting things of Haruki Murakami n Roald Dahl dat make u like their books? bcoz it was my 1st time heard their names hehe who knows i can be their fan too =) tq"

Answer: Haruki Murakami is because of his wild, beautiful imaginations....His stories are very surreal, almost hypnotic (to me at least! haha) and can transport out of this world. If you want to get a feel of his stories, try reading Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman :)
Best to read his stories at night ;)

Whereas for Roald Dahl, I like his dark humour. They'll make you smile (I enjoy his short stories) and the best part is...his endings are always with a twist! Give him a try ;)
Best to read his short stories when you're bored watching the repetitive TV commercials haha

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hi there. my aunt texted me this morning about ur blog being mentioned in Metro (or was it Kosmo?). we were pretty excited, since we are bookaholic ourselves! :D or i would say, i'm from a bookworm family. hehe. we love reading, like since we were born i guess, and i am right now collecting books for collection; books i'd love/like to read of course. it's exciting to know that there's someone out there who i can share my enthusiasm with. ;) do drop by at my humble blog once in a while; though my blog is not entirely about books. hehe.
best of luck!
A Bookaholic said…
hey lyana! wowww good to knw tht u share the same passion!! :) yep! now we can share our love for reading and books :) Have juz landed on ur blog! *wink* Help me thank your aunt for spreading the love too yea :)

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