Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Date with My Hubby

It's such a wonderful day today...Finally, my husband and I could take our time and not think about anything else, but just...well...have fun and date like we used to (during our dating days that is :P) ! ;)

We went to the city...took some pictures of some Christmas deco...shopped a little...had coffee...then...THE event of the night,...dinner @ Luk Yu Teahouse in Starhill :D It was a voucher given to the media courtesy of A Journey Through Time 2 HAHA The benefits you get working for the media haha :P (k lah k lah call it bribery if you want :P)

What a great break from all the tedious wedding preps we had to do months ago!

Oh yea...I'm still in d midst of executing some plans for my book donation. I NEED HELP!! Especially in picking up the books! Any helpers....??? PLEEEEASSSEEE???

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benny. said...

fyi - the jester is not her hubby


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