Book-staircase! :D

Look at these staircases! Don't you wish you can have them in your homes??? Wouldn't it be awesome if we could?! Then, you'll always have space for any amount of books! We can keep 'em in book racks, tables, beneath your bed...floor, we have...STAIRCASE!! :D

THANKS for the pics LAI PEEN! :)


Au and Target said…
That looks terrific. We stack books everywhere, including the stairs, but have to move them when we mop.
A Bookaholic said…
ahhh yeah...that part!! as for me, mine is usually all over the table. my hubby won't let my books go anywhere near the stairs or the floor, or anywhr else except the shelves and tables ( least i still hv d tables! haha)
bunnyslave said…
you are welcome, bookaholic! I think this is an awesome idea too!!! it would solve a lot of my book space problem!
A Bookaholic said…
yea man. n we're talking about many more to come LOL

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