First Stardust, Then Coraline, and Now.... (drum roll pleeeease! :))

THE GRAVEYARD BOOK! Yes! It is being adapted as a live-action feature to be written and directed by Neil Jordan! Read about it here:

I'm so excited! I hope it'll be shown here in Malaysia! You rock Gaiman! Arrggh, must get my hands on this book. Yeah, I'm his one of his many fans and yet, haven't read The Graveyard book. SHAME ON ME! :(

If you've not heard of The Graveyard Book, it's a story of a boy called Nobody Owens who's taken in by a cemetery full of ghosts from different centuries. He's being guarded by them, because he's being hunted down by an assassin.

Anyone has a copy? I have Coraline *wink* Wanna exchange? hehe


Au and Target said…
re your comment on my blog.. A launch? I think that's for famous people like Amir Muhammed. But I'll send you a copy for review - pretty please???
A Bookaholic said…
yep! replied on ur blog ;) most most definitely! :D

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