Fat Tuesday by Sandra Brown

Burke Basile is pissed. Wayne Bardo, who's responsible for the death of his partner, Kevin Stuart, managed to get off the hook. Thanks to his flamboyant, infamous attorney, Pinkie Duvall, who helps killers evade persecution. Soon after the verdict, Basile and his wife split. Then, tired of the corruption at his work place, he quit the force. But, he's still determined to nail that crooked lawyer and end his drug dealings. He came up with a marvelous plan, i.e. kidnap his most treasured trophy - his wife, Remy Duvall. And so, begins the cop-and-thief chase.

This is my first one of Brown's work. The book, though entertaining with its well developed plot, I find that it somehow still lacks in suspense. What kept me going was the characters, especially when 'Father Gregory' made his appearance. I'd recommend this as a light weekend read.

3 out of 5 stars.


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