An Angel in Disguise

I recently picked up Her World for an assignment I was working on, and I was drawn to one particular article titled 'From the Heart'. This story is about Elizabeth Tan, 52, who was a regular homemaker until year 2000 when she was hospitalised. After a successful operation, she was determined to pursue a more meaningful life.

So she prayed for guidance, and this led her to joining the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA). And in less than a year later, she decided to help out at Rumah Perlindungan Social, a shelter for girls and women. Now she dedicates most of her time to running the home and remains on call 24/7. Btw, she has a full-time job to juggle with as well.

Her story really inspired me. So I called her and asked her if there's anything I could do to help. We spoke for awhile, and guess what? I'll be paying the shelter a visit this weekend! Not sure what I can do yet, but I hope I can be useful! :)

To know how you can help too, click on this image!


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