Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some of My Favourite Buys in 2010

I've been keeping these pictures in my phone for awhile now. I'm uploading them here to share them with you :) These are some of my favourite buys in 2010. Why do I love them?
1) As you can see, most of them are classics :)
2) The beautiful pictures! The illustrations are so breathtaking they come alive in my mind.
3) The indescribable feelings they evoke when I turn the pages. (These are the things an e-book can't do!)

So what do we have here:
1) Illustrated Tales from Shakespeare
2) The World of Pooh Collection
3) The Secret Garden
4) Life of Pi
5) Alice in Wonderland


bunnyslave said...

oooh looks good!!!

A Bookaholic said...

yep! yummmmylicious! hehe


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