Albert Jack's Ten-Minute Mysteries

If you're looking for a quick, no-brainer read, this could be the book for you. Here we have author Albert Jack, using his detective skills, digging up the truth behind some of the world's mysteries. So what can you find buried in these pages? You'd learn about The Bermuda Triangle, Agatha Christie's mystery, crop circles, the famous fairies found in the garden, and Lady Fatima to name a few. Some of them I enjoyed, some I didn't. Oh and by the way, don't expect all the 'whys' to be answered.

Albert Jack is a writer and researcher. His first book Red Herrings and White Elephants, which explored the origins of well known phrases in the English language, sold more than 250,000 copies.

Best to read it when: you know you'll be in busy places/waiting for a friend.
Verdict: 2.5/5
Price: RM20 (Bought it at the Pearson and Penguin Warehouse Sales)


Xweing said…
So cheap! Wished I lived beside u so that I can pinjam this book :P
A Bookaholic said…
hahaha i can lend u anytime! do u live anywhere in KL?
Xweing said…
No, I live in Penang~~~

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